Review: Everless by Sara Holland

Hello Friends! It's time for another review of a book I got in a Fairyloot box. Everless by Sara Holland was included in the December Fairyloot. The Fairyloot version had a special cover which is the one you see here! The normal cover is at the bottom of this review. This review is a bit... Continue Reading →


My Bookish Goals for 2018!

Hi Friends! Welcome to 2018! I'm seeing a lot of people doing bookish goals and I thought I would join. 2017 was hard on me. It has not been a fun year, and loads of shitty stuff happened that still haunts me. But I also discovered the book community, and in January 2017 I made my... Continue Reading →

Unboxing: Gobstone Alley Christmas Box

I love Gobstone Alley. I really do. Sadly I can't always afford their monthly boxes, but I decided to treat myself for Christmas, so I bought their Christmas box! They also made an advent calendar and their normal monthly December box. Gobstone Alley is a Harry Potter box. They usually come with stuff like candles,... Continue Reading →

Anything-But-Books TAG

I saw YA ALLEGIANCE do this tag, and I thought it would be a great idea to make my blog a bit more personal.  Basically it's questions that are about anything but books (hence the name 😂). Also this is totally an excuse for going absolutely gif crazy! 😂😂 Name a Cartoon that you love. I guess Avatar: The... Continue Reading →

2 dage på BogForum 2017

Hej derude! Nu er BogForum overstået, og hvad skal man så gøre af sig selv?? Hvis man er lige som mig, så skriver man en blogpost om alt det man har set. 😉 Lørdag d. 11/11-2017 Lørdag var min plan egentlig kun at se Adam Silvera, og derefter få signeret mine to bøger "They Both Die At... Continue Reading →

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