20 Questions Book Tag

Hi Friends! I was tagged by the lovely Pauliina from bookaholicdreamer to do the 20 Questions book tag. I rarely do book tags, but I did enjoy reading Paulina's blog post so I thought I would give it a go! ☺️ Please check out her blog! These questions are pretty hard hitting, and some of my answers might make... Continue Reading →


Unboxing: Fairyloot August Box “Mutinous Pirates”

Hi Friends. Bit of a late unboxing, but I figured that there maybe still were some people out there that havn't seen this box yet. And how can I pass up an opportunity to show you?? 😉 I also really love doing unboxings, as I can go back and quickly check where an item was from. I'm... Continue Reading →

Anmeldelse: Mørke Rum af Kristina Aamand

Hej venner. ☺️ Så er jeg tilbage med en anmeldelse af "Mørke Rum" af Kristina Aamand. Jeg har set  meget til bogen på de sociale medier, mest af alt på bookstagram, så jeg har glædet mig utroligt meget til at læse den. *Tak til CarlsenPuls for anmeldereksemplaret* Synopsis: "Det er jo forfærdelig synd for de piger, men når... Continue Reading →

N.E.W.T’s magical readathon TBR!

Hello Friends! This August I'm participating in the N.E.W.T's readathon hosted by Book_Roast. If you know the Harry Potter books, you know that the N.E.W.T's are some very hard exams that you can take in the classes you passed your O.W.L's in. Now, I did participate in the O.W.L readathon in April, but I actually never... Continue Reading →


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